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Find the type of item you would like to purchase and click the custom option.  For example, if you would like a copper custom necklace, click that option and continue on to the checkout process. Once you finish that, you will receive a confirmation email that has a link to a form.  Fill out the form and submit your custom artwork!

Your custom artwork file should be no less than 100 kb.  If the artwork is too small it would not look good because we have to fit it to the size of the item.

You can find the custom artwork submission form here. Please be aware that the form will still ask for the order number from your confirmation email.  This just makes it easier to know what item you ordered and if your payment was successful!

Thank you for your interest! Please use my contact form here for any questions or inquiries about wholesale or a partnership.

We are located mostly in the Charleston’s Historic City Market located on Market St in downtown Charleston, SC. As of now, we do not have set schedule for when we are at the market but if we are there do not hesitate to come by and say hello!